Commander Group of Companies (CGC)

Commander Group of Companies (CGC) provided manned guarding services to the industries in the Philippines. The CGC is a group of companies dedicated to services in protection of asset using security and safety.

In today's businesses, the drive to maximize profit in the most efficient manner possible is always paramount in the minds of the owners and managers. Security is not exempt from this. In fact, security is really closely connected with the bottom-line, as it is only justified for so long as it provides a less expensive way to make money

Electronic Safety Product Lines

  • CCTV/DVR System
  • Burglar Alarm System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Access Control System/Fingers can
  • PABX System
  • Sound System
  • Walkthrough Metal Detector
  • Automatic Gate & Door System

Services Offered:

  • Security Force (Manpower)
  • Risk Analysis and Security and Safety Survey
  • Background Investigation
  • Security Training Program
  • VIP Security Escort Service
  • Intelligence Operation/Security Investigation
  • Security and Safety Automation
  • Armored Car Services
  • Emergency Response Team

Security Training Program:

  • Pre-Licensing Training Course (PLTC)
  • Re-Training Course (RTC)
  • Basic Security Supervisory Course (BSSC)
  • CBASTRAC (Bank and Armor)
  • VIP Protection Course
  • K9 handler seminar (actual)
  • CCTV operator's seminar
  • Certified Security and Safety Practitioner's (CSSP) Course

President's Corner

Business has only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. To be a success in business, be daring, be first, be honest, be different.
Carmelo T. Ayson, CSSP, President/CEO
Our experienced in working with a corporation that run base on sales and marketing taught us how to deal with different people from different walks of life. It also exposed us to the vast culture, values and principles of numerous conglomerates that operated in NCR and Luzon. This learning and exposures served as my guiding star as we traversed the complicated and challenging business of the Security Industry

Our strength lies in our being cost effective, fast in execution of projects and maintenance of quality service. Providing highest standard to clients at the right time, with the right people and at a competitive price is our Distinction. Reinforcing security service through the use of modern-technological system is our Optimal Advantage