COMMANDER SECURITY TRAINING CENTER, INCORPORATED ( CSTCI )  is a domestic corporation, organized and incorporated upon the approval of its Articles and By-laws by Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the 19th day of April 2012 with SEC registration no. A200102532. It’s founded by Mr. Carmelo T. Ayson, a successful businessman with extensive experience in marketing and entrepreneurship and his brother Col. Ruben T. Ayson (Ret) of the Philippine Marines which is the first training director.

Motivated by the desire to upgrade the efficiency and professionalism of its security personnel towards enhanced service satisfaction of its valued clients, COMMANDER SECURITY SERVICES, INCORPORATED (CSSI) put up its own training school – the CSTCI. Since its operation, the training center has been serving as an instrument for honing well-train, well discipline and multi-skilled breed of security professionals.

With dedication towards the development of modernized security industry on a nationwide scope, CSTCI has opened its doors to educate and train security personnel from other interested Private Security Agencies. Our primary goal is to share the product of our researches and innovative training systems pursuant with the Rule XI of the 2003 Revised Rules and Regulation Implementing Republic Act 5487.

The idea of continuing progress of every individual in security industry creates a critical competition in this profession, so the brilliant mind of the CEO/FOUNDER of CSTCI Mr. Carmelo T. Ayson formulates the concept of PHILIPPINE SECURITY AND SAFETY PRACTITIONERS ASSOCIATION (PSSPPA) that offers specialized training courses that will elevates practitioner to a higher level of professionalism.

PSSPPA is a non-profit organization composed mostly of security and safety practitioners and professionals. It’s committed to improve and provide world class protection services encompassing all aspects of safety, security, defense and management Strategies.


COMMANDER SECURITY TRAINING CENTER, INCORPORATED envisions a globally competitive training system for the Private Security Industry of the country imbued with the highest degree of professionalism and committed to the culture of service, integrity and excellence in the delivery of security services.



To provide exceptional comprehensive education and training programs for Security Guards and Officers molded on the principles of service, integrity and excellence.


The COMMANDER SECURITY TRAINING CENTER, INCORPORATED is committed to develop professional security practitioners who are sensitive to the security and safety of personnel and principles of the Private Security Agency Law.

Regularly we offer the following SOSIA and TESDA accredited certificate courses:
  • Security Services – National Certificate I (Pre – licensing Training Course) - 13 days (8hrs) / 104hrs.
  • Security Services – National Certificate II (Re – Fresher Training Course) - 7 days (8hrs) / 56hrs.
  • Comprehensive Bank and Armor Security Training Course (CBASTRAC) - 7 days (8hrs) / 56hrs.
  • Basic Security Supervisory Course (BSSC) - 7 days (8hrs) / 56hrs.
  • VIP Training Course - 15   days (8hrs) / 120hrs
CSTCI conducts Special Courses handled by PNP-SOSIA accredited instructors:
  • Human Relation and Customer Service Seminar
  • Emergency Preparation and Disaster Planning Seminar
  • Security Awareness Seminar
  • Civil Disturbance Management Course
  • Special Defense Tactics
  • Team Building
  • Time Management & Goal Setting Course
  • Self Awareness Seminar
  • Bomb Awareness Seminar
  • K9 Handlers Seminar
CSTCI also conducts technical skill enhancement under the PSSPPA:
  • CCTV Operations and maintenance
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Basic Computer Operation
The newest SOSIA and TESDA accredited in CSTCI that will up bring any individual in the industry:
  • VIP Protection Course (Protective Agent)
Other Training Programs are likewise conducted when requested by Clients according to their requirements. We develop training programs through consultative meetings where Client’s needs as well as the posted security personnel’s needs and suggestions are sought that provides as the basis for the training program to be conducted.   CSTCI provides state of the art facilities, modern technology, well-experienced instructors, accommodating staff and a responsive management team.


MANAGEMENT TEAM is focused on the best possible Training Program is the Security Industry by constantly updating our program to include the latest innovation in the security business.



Due to its compliance to the requirements of formulating a training curriculum that provides skills and knowledge enhancement to security professionals and technologically enhanced state of the art facilities, CSTCI have passed the accreditations criteria of the PNP-SOSIA and TESDA

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